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State officials report on personal finances

Posted on Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 at 1:39 pm.

State officials in Texas must file reports with the Texas Ethics Commission that disclose their personal finances and the information is open to the public. The records can be given via email, fax or hard copy, but recently, a new bill was rejected that would allow this information to be posted straight to the internet.

According to the law in Texas, lobbyists and public officials are required to submit fundraising campaign reports and personal finances to the Ethics Commission in order to hold them accountable and create a more trustworthy image to the public.

Although campaign finances must be filed and made available electronically, information about personal finances does not have to be available online. Officials who objected to a requirement that personal financial information be available online stated that they were concerned that this would make public officials more vulnerable to identify theft and possibly kidnapping.