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The Benefits of a 401(k)

A 401(k) is a fund you contribute to over a period of time, so when you retire, there is money there to support you. Like a stock or bond, this money is an investment intended to grow over time. Setting up a 401(k) is pivotal to the future happiness and security of you and your family, and it does not have to be complicated. An experienced accountant can give you imperative financial advice to ensure that your funds are safe and in the right place to grow to their fullest potential.

401(k) Retirement Plan

An Austin retirement planning professional can help organize your funds into a 401(k). He or she will explain to you the following benefits:

  • Money taken out of paycheck before taxes
  • Control over how money is invested
  • Sponsored by your employer
  • Two types to choose from
  • Provides security for your family

For more information on 401(k) plans, an Austin retirement planning professional can answer any of your questions and guide you through this investment into your future.

Contact an Austin Retirement Planning Professional

The accountants at The Accounting People offer individualized advice to help Austin residents plan for their retirement. In addition to discussing a 401(k), we offer insight into investments, future taxes, and social security benefits that are necessary to understand when approaching retirement. If you could benefit from planning out your financial future or any of our other accounting services, contact us today by filling out the form at the top of this page. We understand the importance of you and your family’s financial security and can assist you with your accounting needs.