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Fraud Detection in Forensic Accounting

Any discrepancy between profits and financial records should be investigated immediately, as it could be a sign of fraud. Sometimes this requires the expertise of forensic accountants, who specialize in fraud detection and investigation of discrepancies in companies’ financial records. They can provide numerous services to discover the source of the discrepancy, resolve the issue, and potentially give testimony in court as to any fraud that has or could occur.

Detecting Fraud in Accounting Documents

Forensic accountants are specially trained to finding and reveal fraud if it occurs. They are able to:

  • Note surprising discrepancies, large or small, in record-keeping
  • Access information about employees who have handled documents
  • Give input on how the fraud was allowed to occur
  • Provide testimony about the fraud in court

These skills of forensic accountants can make fraud investigation and detection much less stressful for individual employers or company owners. As fraud can not only cause a company to lose large amounts of money, but also can cause a company’s reputation and image to take a hit, having a forensic accountant working for you can be invaluable.

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If you suspect fraudulent actions in your finances or notice discrepancies between your financial records and your profits, then having the skills and experience of a forensic accountant may be particularly advantageous. To learn more about how a forensic accountant can help your company and to discuss your situation more in depth, fill out the above form. An accounting professional will soon be in touch.