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Forensic Accounting

In many business situations, it can be difficult to detect the underlying cause of discrepancies in the finances of a company. In such cases, it is important that businesses protect their interests by investigating their finances thoroughly to identify problems and prevent a variety of situations, particularly those associated with willful malice, which can threaten your company.

With the assistance of an experienced Austin forensic accountant, you will have access to in-depth investigation into your company’s finances and can rest assured that your books will be balanced and any discrepancies remedied. To learn more about how a forensic accountant can solve your financial questions, use the form above to contact us.

Areas of Investigation

Forensic accounting can address a variety of financial issues and has a broad range of applications that can support your business. By identifying inconsistencies and providing accounting solutions, we can provide the following services:

  • Analysis of business disputes
  • Claims analysis
  • Expert witness testimony in court
  • Detection and prevention of fraud

When your books are not properly balanced, your company, shareholders, and employees are put at significant risk of not only significant financial losses, but also potentially allegations of conspiracy and collusion.

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Do not let discrepancies put the viability and stability of your business in jeopardy. To learn more about how an Austin forensic accountant can generate effective accounting solutions and protect you and your company from litigation and audit, contact us today using the form at the top of the page.