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Financial Planning After College

Today’s millennials are infamously struggling to manage their finances after graduation, with jokes about moving back in with mom becoming less and less funny. Not everyone takes finance courses during their time at college. Even for those who do, financial planning on a personal level may seem foreign. Developing good financial planning practices early can help you save an inordinate amount of money when you do finally find that high-paying career.

Importance of Financial Planning

Many entrepreneurs will say that if you are going to go bankrupt you should do so before 30. However, this adage does not mean that you should drive yourself into bankruptcy from foolish investments or rampant spending. Because one’s first job out of college does not typically pay very well, many young college graduates do not think they need any financial planning. Assuming that keeping track of a few hundred dollars should not be that difficult is a big mistake. Starting to plan now can offer a multitude of benefits for college graduates, including:

  • Developing good financial planning habits
  • Creating a good savings plan as well as a 401k
  • Maximizing your tax return
  • Setting realistic financial goals

College graduates endure four years of hard work and unforgiving student loans all so that they will be able to find a job after graduation. When those first few paychecks come in it is understandable to want to splurge and begin spending, but early financial planning will develop valuable financial skills.

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