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Boosting Your Tax Refund

Taxes are one thing you can’t avoid. While it’s true that you can’t control the fact that you have to pay taxes, you can make sure that you are getting the refund you deserve. Many people file incorrectly, resulting in a refund that may not sufficiently reflect their financial situation. Fortunately, an accountant in Austin can help you go over different filing statuses, deductions, tax credits, timing of payments, and other ways to make sure your tax refund is as large as it can be.

Increasing Your Tax Return Refund

Sometimes, simply knowing the correct ways to file can save you money. Filing long tax forms can be tedious and confusing. An Austin accountant, however, is experienced with taxes and can help you through the process with ease, making sure that you are receiving the correct refund. There are certain things that an accountant may change about the way you file your taxes, resulting in a better refund that more accurately reflects your situation. These may include:

  • Changing your filing status
  • Claiming all your tax deductions
  • Claiming earned income tax credit
  • Paying your mortgage and property taxes before December 31st

If you have questions about your taxes and the refund you are expecting receive, an accountant in Austin can help you understand the best way to file for your particular situation.

Contact an Austin Accountant for Help

No one wants to pay the government more than they should. Tax forms are complex, but with the help of a seasoned Austin accountant, you may avoid common mistakes that are costing you money on your tax return. Contact an Austin accountant today by filling out the form at the top of this page.