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Avoid These Retirement Planning Mistakes

When a person plans for their retirement, they need to avoid some of the major pitfalls commonly associated with saving in these specialized accounts and making long-term financial decisions. Making a serious error when saving or planning for retirement could set a person back years from their retirement goal or leave them with less money than expected over the course of their retirement. A tax advisor and retirement planner can help a person avoid these concerns regarding their financial future.

Things to Remember When Planning for Retirement

There are some problematic choices that many people make when they plan for retirement. By skipping these mistakes, a person better maximize their retirement savings. In order to do this, the following may be useful to know:

  • Downsizing a home may not be the best way to save money
  • A person should plan to retire without needing to return to work
  • A person may be able to plan to retire while still retaining reasonable levels of debt
  • Expect to spend roughly the same, if not more, as pre-retirement spending
  • Don’t take money out of a 401k, if possible, prior to retiring

By analyzing income and expenditures, a person can work with a planner to create a smart plan to keep them financially comfortable in their retirement.

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