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Accounting for Freelancers and the Self-Employed

Many people have found freelance work and self-employment as a great way to enjoy flexibility while doing what they enjoy professionally. However, a major downside to freelance work is the trouble of keeping detailed personal and business accounts all while paying estimated taxes. Additionally, the added stress and strain of running a freelancing enterprise can often make managing and keeping up with a person’s accounts even more frustrating. However, a qualified professional can help in this situation, dramatically easing the process and allowing a person to focus their time and efforts on their work.

Accounting Assistance for Freelancers

A qualified accountant can help a freelancer or self-employed individual no matter how they classify their business. From sole proprietorships to LLCs, an accountant can provide some of the following crucial accounting services for a self-employed freelancer:

  • Managing of estimated taxes and all associated forms
  • Finding applicable tax deductions for home businesses
  • Providing comprehensive personal bookkeeping services
  • Establishing a solid retirement plan

Without some clear guidance and strategy, it can be difficult for the self-employed to fully and effectively manage their finances, which can eventually be a major problem, especially when you bring in significant sums of money as a self-employed worker.

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