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Corporate Accounts

Corporations face accounting and bookkeeping challenges unique to them, and these challenges can often be too difficult, time-intensive, or expensive for an in-house department. Contracting with an outside accountant may be the best option for your corporation. From incorporation to corporate payroll to corporation financial planning, an experienced Austin corporate accountant may be able to help.

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Accounting in Corporations

Unlike other business ventures, corporations are owned by shares, and therefore face a number of unique challenges that are not faced by other companies. Some of these particular issues include:

  • Accounting for shares and shareholder capital
  • Investing on behalf of shareholders
  • Calculating shareholder basis, adjusted basis, and loan basis
  • Handling an often complex set of financial books

Many corporations simply are not equipped to handle these complicated requirements. An Austin corporation accountant can help simplify the process and handle the bulk of it for you, saving you time and your shareholders money by freeing you of the commitment.

Austin Accounting can match you with the right accountant for your needs, whether you are looking to incorporate, handle payroll, or keep your books.

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